Starting from “ cout« “here” to echo “here”; “, I have tried to learn many programming languages. I think, I was just trying out different style of programming to know with which language was I more comfortable with. After this experiment there came another big problem…… I was not becoming proficient in any of them.

But I got opportunity to try out different types of programming techniques… procedural, object-oriented, functional and some combination of these. At times I have tried some assembly level programming also.

Just make a note that whenever I say “I always wanted to do …” dont misunderstand that I dont want to make those ideas work. But mostly it takes some time. We will talk about this topic later.

C++ was the first language that I studied. I always had a soft-corner for it. I remember, in my first class of programming when I was able to get the output without any error (most of the people were in the other group :P), I was so happy that I decided to write more programs of same type (pity on me…). At this point of time when I have realized the actual power of C++, I really wanted to know more about it. As we have started off with the Operating Systems courses at the college I got an opportunity to learn more about it, as well as the internals of Linux OS. I wish to know more about using sql database in a C++ program.

In college, once I had gone for a python workshop, the person who came to take classes was so good and he was able to give all of us, a good idea of the language and what it is all about. It took me more time to start writing programs in it. Before, to get more acquainted with the language I first wrote a program in C++ then converted it to python. It is very easy to work with and is a good language to start off studying programming languages at schools. Now a days I am was trying to make a program using python and glade.

Till the second year of my collage I never understood the difference between functional programming and procedural programming. Since our curriculum had changed that year and the teaching of this language(Scheme) had just started, even the teachers were not able to teach us anything. We studied everything from scratch. It was a very hard time till we wrote our first program. Later when we got adjusted to the system, then it became a piece of cake. Just after that semester while I was talking to a friend of mine who was working at Yahoo,then only I was enlightened with the fact that functional programming is widely used in the field of artificial intelligence and many other fields.

During my last vacations I have started to work on php-mysql programming. Its very good to know how the Internet and websites work and I wanted to make some contributions to it myself. I have started to design a website, an online e-book library. All the registered members will be given privileges to upload new books, tag them and make changes to it. There will also be some people who will work as a censorship team which keeps an eye on all the uploaded content. Shortly I will be putting the source code for this website too.

Same time in which I was working in php I had a glimpse of how to program in android also. I have started to develop an application which can be used to track a person using a GPS system. I have to work more on this topic. Will be writing more on this later.

I have always felt great while programming anything, because the joy that you get after the program is executed and we get a correct answer, cannot be explained in words… :)